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Jo-Anne Oliveri, Founder and Managing Director, ireviloution

At our recent Property Management Leadership Summit, I was madly writing notes about the golden nuggets of wisdom each presenter shared about how to make a difference in your property management business. One of these golden nuggets was from content marketing guru, Josh Cobb, Stepps Founder and CEO, about what you should write about in your newsletters.

Whilst each presenter shared many ideas that could be implemented to improve your property management business, Josh Cobb shared one that almost had me falling off my seat because it seems so obvious!

Now, let me frame this. I work with property management business owners across Australia and North America, and am a huge advocate for relevant communication. I do not believe in ‘newsletters’ as such, rather educational communication that builds respect and loyalty between you and your current and prospective clients.

Business owners constantly reach out to me asking what they should write in their weekly or monthly communication messages. After brainstorming together, we normally come up with some great topics. Usually, we review areas in the agency where communication breakdown may have occurred with clients, and write articles addressing these concerns. We can always find a topic, but spend many hours brainstorming each month. But time is something we all don’t have enough of!

As you know, Josh Cobb is one of the industry’s digital marketing thought leaders. Each week, he sends out a relevant and insightful newsletter always centred around a topic myself and others want to learn more about. How does he come up with such great topics each week? Well, that’s exactly what made me fall off my seat at the Summit because it’s so obvious and simple to implement…

Go to your email inbox and type ‘?’ in your search box. Now, be amazed at how many emails show up from your clients asking you questions!

The next step is to simply pull these questions into a document that can form the basis of your content marketing calendar. Each week or month, produce content around one of the topics on your list. This content could be an article, video, infographic, social media post, podcast, or all of the above. The main point is, you now have an ongoing list of topics your current and prospective clients WANT answers to. Your answers to their questions are what you should include in your newsletter if you want to make it relevant, educational and searchable.

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