What to do when property owners are upset about having a new property manager

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You’ve more than likely been in the situation where your property owners become upset when they hear that a new property manager will be managing their property.

Here’s how you can manage this situation so your property owners continue to be happy with the service your agency and new property manager provides.


1. Communication is key

Educate your clients about how your agency manages the history and happenings of their property and tenants. Help them understand that your agency retains all the history, along with current and future happenings, in a log so that your property managers are empowered to work as a team, not as individuals. Constant communication explaining how your agency and team operates will help them understand that a new property manager will not mean a change in results for their property.

2. Remind your clients that they engaged the services of your agency, not an individual property manager

Your clients hired your agency, not an individual property manager. Remind them of your agency’s brand promises, which were no doubt the reason why they chose you in the first place. Let them know that your team will naturally come and go, but what will always remain the same are your agency’s brand promises regarding the successful management of their property and tenant at all times.

3. Educate your clients about your processes to manage their property

Let your clients know about the solid platform of policies, protocols, processes and practices your agency was built on. Help them understand that these ensure any team member can respond to their concerns and manage tasks related to their property, even when team members are absent or leave. Educate them about how your agency’s systems allow their property to be consistently and proactively managed, regardless of which property manager they are dealing with.


If you’d like to find out more about what to do when your property owners are upset about having a new property manager, contact us.

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