RISE property management taskforce rises to empower industry during COVID-19 crisis

Property management

Property management industry leaders have joined forces to create a global taskforce to steer the industry safely through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Founder and Managing Director of ireviloution, Jo-Anne Oliveri, CIPS, TRC, formed the RISE TaskForce to unite global industry leaders and empower property management professionals around the world to proactively respond to the crisis.

“RISE stands for resilient, innovative, strategic and empowering because that is exactly what this taskforce aims to be and deliver to the property management industry during this challenging time and into the future,” Jo-Anne said.

Jo-Anne said that she formed the taskforce to help protect the hard-hit property management industry and its hundreds of thousands of professionals and suppliers worldwide.

“As an industry, we must remain united. In these unprecedented times, there are no guidelines for how to respond, which is where the RISE TaskForce can step in and provide a pathway to help everyone survive and thrive, together,” Jo-Anne said.

Assembling a team of 12 industry-leading taskforcers from Australia and the USA, Jo-Anne believes that this team’s combined knowledge, skills and experience can help the industry emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.

“I believe that this is a ‘watershed’ moment for our industry and, with assistance from the RISE TaskForce and others that step up during this challenging time, the future of property management can be more robust, relevant, automated and empowered,” Jo-Anne said.

The RISE TaskForce virtually meets each week to discuss strategies to help property management professionals and suppliers. Members currently include the following:

RISE TaskForcers:

  • Jo-Anne Oliveri, CIPS, TRC – Founder and Managing Director, ireviloution and ii International Property Management Academy, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Domonic Thompson – National Head of Real Estate, Macquarie Bank, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Aaron Emery, iiCC – Property Management Business Consultant, PULSE Property Management Consulting, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Ben Burton – Co-Founder and CEO, Rental Heroes, Melbourne, Victoria
  • Dominik Chmielewski – Co-Founder and COO, Rental Heroes, Melbourne, Victoria
  • Paula Alsford – Business Owner and Director of Property Management, Realmark Whitfords, Perth, Western Australia
  • Charmaine Homes – Business Development Manager, Kevin Hodges Real Estate, Adelaide, South Australia
  • Chris Booth – Advisory Board Member at SafeStay, National Head of Real Estate and Strata for Poolwerx Corporation, Brisbane, Queensland
  • William Dickson – President, Marketplace Homes, Detroit, Michigan
  • Jessica Forbis, iiCC – Property Management Business Consultant, Victory Property Management Consulting, Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Patrick O’Hearn – Channel Partner Manager, Rent Manager, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Terry LeClair – Executive Vice President, Western Resources Title, Irvine, California

Hosted by Jo-Anne Oliveri and featuring taskforcers, a ‘RISE AND THRIVE’ video series will run throughout June which shares the RISE TaskForce’s strategies to help property management professionals and suppliers thrive now and beyond the COVID-19 crisis.

Visit the ireviloution Facebook Page to learn more.

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