Rental Rewards empowers property management leaders to climb high

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Rental Rewards, a 100% Australian owned and operated company offering revolutionary real estate payment methods, is empowering property management leaders to climb high at ireviloution’s upcoming masterclass.

Taking place on 19th March in Brisbane, the PMLS Climb High Masterclass is designed for property management business owners who want to step up, lead their team, and profitably grow their property management business this year.

According to Jo-Anne Oliveri, ireviloution Managing Director and PMLS Founder, connecting leaders with a leading rent payment platform can help property management businesses reach the pinnacle of success.

“Rental Rewards is a leading-edge payment gateway specifically designed for real estate agents to help them save time and money and automate their rent reconciliation,” Jo-Anne said.

“We are excited to have them on board as a partner of our upcoming masterclass, so they can teach our delegates how efficiently managing rental payments can help them climb high,” she said.

According to Marie Iatsenta, Director – Rental Rewards and Property Pay, they are thrilled to educate and empower property management leaders at ireviloution’s upcoming masterclass.

“By partnering with this game changing company and their PMLS Climb High Masterclass, we will engage with property management leaders who want to take a proactive approach to managing their business,” Marie said.

Marie went on to say that, “We are excited to work with ireviloution and lead the way with our innovative payment gateway at their masterclass.”

Inspiring property management leaders to climb high and take their businesses to the top, the PMLS Climb High Masterclass is a must-attend event.

Tickets are on sale now. Limited number of spots available! Click here to register.

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