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Jo-Anne Oliveri

“As a real estate business owner, you must determine if property management is bringing in more money than it costs you. You should also ensure there is accountability for every area.” 

Author, Find Your Property Manager NOW: Hire the Right Agent and Make More Money

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Get to Know Jo-Anne Oliveri, North American and Australian Real Estate Thought Leader

About Jo-Anne Oliveri

Jo-Anne Oliveri, CIPS, TRC, is the founder and managing director of ireviloution. She is the author of Find Your Property Manager NOW: Hire the Right Agent and Make More Money. Jo is an international real estate identity who has trained over 500 businesses and thousands of business owners and property managers worldwide.

Jo is recognized as a leading authority on property management and regarded as a prominent industry thought leader. She brings 30 years of experience in real estate and is a sought-after presenter at the world’s leading real conferences.

Selected as the REB Women in Real Estate Awards Coach of the Year 2020 and finalist in the REB Awards 2021 for Coach of the Year, Industry Thought Leader of the Year and Innovator of the Year – Individual, Jo is known for creating positive change in the industry. She is also the founder of the Property Management Leadership Summit and regularly contributes to the top Australian and North American real estate publications.

What’s happening in your property management business? Join me on a discovery chat to learn more about ideas and solutions to improve your property management business.

Build incredible value with our property management consulting service and discover optimal control of essential systems and processes

Working with property management consultants like our iiCCs (ireviloution intelligence Certified Consultants) ensures that all bases are covered. We also ensure that your property management business will be well on its way to improving its processes for the highest efficiency while building value and reducing risk in the most volatile of real estate markets. So whether you are an up-and-coming property management agency or an established entity aiming to improve your operational efficiency, and profitably, ireviloution can provide incredible turn-key solutions so your business can improve its service delivery.

ireviloution provides the highest quality specialist resources for property management businesses. Let us redesign the core of your operations with modern methods that ensure streamlined, end-to-end processes so your business can provide better services while leveraging new technologies and improving its bottom line. Our iiCCs focus on enhancing business asset values, increasing investor income, and obtaining higher profits from methodically improving different aspects of your business.

Many real estate firm owners come from a sales background and lack a thorough understanding of property management. However, they are aware that a dedicated property management division can provide substantial advantages, including consistent revenue from management fees and the possibility of property sales from the rental list.

It’s easy to see why so many business owners establish a property management division. However, if you exclusively focus on real estate sales, your property management functions are frequently delegated to a property manager. If this describes your business, your growth strategy may already be in jeopardy.

A SWOT analysis is an excellent technique to evaluate the effectiveness of a property management business. This critical analysis might help you figure out your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Following this study, you will be able to determine which areas of your organization require assistance in terms of employees, processes, technology, training, coaching, and strategy, allowing you to position your company for long-term success.

SWOT analyses assess a property management business’s competitive position and assists with develop strategic plans. Internal and external elements and existing and future possibilities are all evaluated in a SWOT analysis.

It helps create data-driven, fact-based and realistic profiles of an organization’s initiatives. To maintain accuracy, the business must avoid any gray zones or preconceived notions and instead focus more on real-world scenarios. It should be used as a recommendation rather than a prescription by businesses.

Using both internal and external data, the technique can direct businesses toward more successful strategies and away from those that have been or are projected to be less successful. They can also get advice from independent SWOT analysts, investors, or competitors on whether a business, product line or industry is strong or weak, and why.

property management melbourne
property management melbourne

Adapt best to changing market conditions and enhance your property management operations with time-tested solutions

A successful firm, regardless of the industry, is aware of and adaptive to change, allowing corporate goals to  as well. Another way successful businesses are adaptable is by revisiting their business goals and objectives at least once a year.

Diagnostic reporting and prognosis evaluations will help assist you in business development and planning by offering a reliable overview of the present condition of your property management business.

This prognosis offers you crucial information, facts and statistics. It also aids in identifying previously ignored areas of concern in different parts of your business, from revenue drivers to standards in customer care. Finally, it is a crucial study that considers your property management business’ weaknesses, strengths, and risk factors.

In the end, the goals are:

  • Developing a strategy to address concerns, mitigate risks, strengthen weaknesses, and ensure business stability
  • Creating a business design that is both relevant to the times and practical on the ground
  • Forecasting potential growth
  • Improvement of budgeting
  • Increasing performance and enhanced productivity through the streamlining of end-to-end processes and tasks
  • Protecting and further deepening your brand’s connection with the market and demographic

Get to know the power and profitability brought by modern workflows and processes in property management

A workflow refers to a set of technologies and tools that allow papers, information, activities, and tasks to flow in a company’s or department’s appropriate order. Those involved follow a set of steps and execute specific processes to meet the process’s goals. You don’t have to use technology to automate procedures, but it is unquestionably the most effective technique to achieve good outcomes. By leveraging the workflow and its tools, you can eliminate process failures, data transfer mistakes, time gains and delays, and bottlenecks . You can also improve the consistency and precision of the technique.

"Realmark is a multi-award-winning agency group in WA. Over recent years we have engaged with Jo-Anne Oliveri as a presenter and business coach relative to the property management activities in our metropolitan and regional offices. Jo’s advice and audits of the various portfolios has been a contributor to the above average property management growth within Realmark. Her portfolio reviews and teaching presentations have also fostered an ongoing improvement in the quality of property investment related services we deliver to clients."
John Percudani
Realmark Founder & MD
"Jo-Anne Oliveri was invited as a guest speaker at our annual Realmark Property Management conference to share her expertise and experience in the world of property management. With a wealth of knowledge and passionate engagement, our business owners and their teams were empowered and enthusiastic to advance their businesses using Jo-Anne’s strategies and initiatives. Her experience and expertise in business coaching, mentoring and training has ensured that our businesses would be well-equipped to continue achieving the best results for successful growth in the future. Jo-Anne has also provided services such as business diagnostics which has provided the opportunity for businesses to reset and engage change."
Anita Percudani
Executive Director
Realmark Perth Western Australia
"Jo-Anne Oliveri… there really aren’t enough words to describe this incredibly kind, humble and vivacious woman. I’ve never met someone with such a raw and authentic presence, it’s almost as though you feel like you’re right at home the very first time you meet her. Jo-Anne’s deep passion and enthusiasm for an industry that is so often looked at in a dull light truly inspires meshe is incredibly intelligent and talented and is a total game-changer for the property management industry. What I love most about Jo-Anne and her work is that she is full of hope, she is able to see the light in a dark tunnel, she isn’t jaded, and she is willing to do what it takes to make some serious changes in the industry, whilst still working in alignment with her “WHY" and beliefs. I have so much respect for Jo-Anne and I truly believe that with her championing the industry, we’re in for some big, positive, much-needed change."
Shonleigh Draper
Managing Director
ThinkRed Recruitment
"When I embarked on the exciting new venture of starting up a property management business, I decided that I would only do so if had a great coach and mentor to guide me down the right path and to make sure that I was investing in the best possible systems, procedures and practises in the industry. After carefully researching who would be the best coach, it was recommended to me to contact Jo-Anne Oliveri from ireviloution. After meeting Jo, we knew that she was the right person and I engaged her services to help set up our business. Jo was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in every aspect of the business and often went above and beyond helping me with one-on-one coaching. This really helped me transition from the construction industry into Property Management and gave me the courage and knowledge to go out and talk to my clients with confidence. Since then, our business at ReMax United Vision has grown in leaps and bounds and we now have clients approaching us to manage their properties. I cannot thank Jo enough and we are proud to be affiliated with Jo and ireviloution."
Rodney McEwan
Owner / Broker
RE/MAX United Vision
"I have had the pleasure of knowing Jo-Anne Oliveri for more years than I care to remember. Over the years we seem to have met more at the world's biggest real estate conference, the US Realtors Conference and Expo, then we have here at home. Apart from being a recognised Thought Leader in the Australian real estate industry, she is a truly global teacher and trainer, extremely passionate about lifting the standard and image of the real estate industry – in particular, property management. Having set up the complete Property Management systems and training for the Harcourts group-a major real estate franchise group in Australia, this speaks volumes for her skills, knowledge and expertise and her teachings have been published locally and internationally."
Ian Grace
IGM Global Pty Ltd | T/A Ian Grace Business Training
"I have always said to anyone that will listen that Jo-Anne Oliveri is one of the most passionate Property Management people in the business. I have sought her advice and guidance many many times over the years and it always strikes me how advanced her thinking is and how high her standards are. It’s very hard not to be blown away with her vision and determination for the betterment of the industry. Jo embodies world’s best practice and I can confidently say that anyone who seeks her council will be challenged to raise the bar high."
Shaun Mahony
"Jo-Anne Oliveri is a property management icon. Validum Institute is honoured to have her gracing our students whether it be in the training room, observing our property management courses or consulting to our graduates looking at furthering real estate careers. Jo-Anne’s mentoring of our alumni has been invaluable, when she speaks those in the industry listen as her wisdom and knowledge are unprecedented."
Victor James
"I have known Jo-Anne Oliveri for over 20 years, she is a first-rate real estate agent: innovative, attentive and a great strategic planner!"
Patrick Dixon
Dixon Family Estate Agents
"I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Jo-Anne on multiple occasions since 2000. In an industry plagued with a poor reputation, Jo-Anne has always epitomised the caring, professional face every property owner and real estate principal wants to see. I’ve seen first-hand the hard work Jo-Anne has poured in behind the scenes, creating and testing the platforms, processes and systems that reduce stress for all parties (owners, managers, tenants, principals, admin staff, and suppliers)."
Jacob Aldridge
#ReachReach Co-Founder and businessDEPOT Director of Strategic Advisory
"I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Jo-Anne on multiple occasions since 2000. In an industry plagued with a poor reputation, Jo-Anne has always epitomised the caring, professional face every property owner and real estate principal wants to see. I’ve seen first-hand the hard work Jo-Anne has poured in behind the scenes, creating and testing the platforms, processes and systems that reduce stress for all parties (owners, managers, tenants, principals, admin staff, and suppliers)."
Jacob Aldridge
#ReachReach Co-Founder and businessDEPOT Director of Strategic Advisory
"I get a lot of people who ask me to recommend them and most I don’t. Why? Because I don’t know them well enough to give an informed review, but in this case it is different! I have had the unique pleasure of working with Jo-Anne Oliveri on several occasions and have found her to be very intelligent, well-researched in her area of expertise and a heart that really cares about helping others succeed. She is the real deal, and that’s the highest compliment I can give her."
Richard Flint
International Author
Presenter and CEO Richard Flint International
"Jo-Anne Oliveri has just returned to Australia after a highly successful two months teaching real estate business owners and property managers throughout Wyoming, USA on behalf of the Wyoming Association of Realtors. We could have had anyone in the world to teach our state about property management, but after meeting Jo-Anne it was a no brainer on who to choose. The classes were so successful we’re having her back this year for another 2-month teaching tour"
Tim Forbis
TD Realty Inc. Owner
Wyoming, USA

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