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The ireviloution intelligence International Property Management Academy (iiIPMA) has been designed to teach the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of property management. Relevant regardless of where you are located in the world, iiIPMA teaches the objectives, outcomes, tasking and timelines for every property management task. The interactive online learning environment ensures that you and your team obtain extensive knowledge and skills to operate a successful property management business and Agency By Choice.

Understanding your role (3 courses)

This program outlines the various roles and functions that exist in property management. Courses include learning how to formulate endless opportunities into a lifelong career, creating ideal work weeks that prioritize tasks and keep you focused, and strategies to effectively communicate with clients and exceed their expectations.

New managements
(2 courses)

This program explains the importance of managing business data and outlines processes and policies to seamlessly transition new managements into the property management portfolio. Courses include from contact to contract and from contact to takeover

New tenancy
(6 courses)

This program covers all tasks that must be completed with a new tenancy. Learn how to be a positive influence from the time a prospective tenant enquires about a property to the time they reside in it. Courses include listings, inspections, applications, entry inspections, tenancy agreements and completing the process.

Maximizing returns, optimizing growth and caring for clients (4 courses)

This program explains the critical objectives required for managing properties. Courses include arrears management, fixed term tenancies, maintenance management and property assessment inspections.

Managing change during tenancy
(3 courses)

This program outlines tasks that take place during a tenancy and if there is a lease break. Courses include co-habiting tenants, changes to a tenancy and lease breaks.

Managing vacating tenants and terminations (2 courses)

This program outlines the essential processes and policies to terminate managements and how to conduct vacates with professionalism. Courses include management terminations and vacating in style, so you protect the brand.

Creating consistency through policy and procedures (5 courses)

This program covers the various tasks that occur in every property management business so the foundations of operating an organized business are done correctly. Learn simple and effective methods to create consistency in daily tasks. Courses include archives, contractors, mail logging and tracking, management keys and filing.

Ensuring compliance through audit
(3 courses)

This program demonstrates the daily, weekly and monthly need for audits to ensure compliancy and keep track of business targets. Learn the different types, timings and frequency of audits and whose responsibility it is to complete them. Courses include managing compliance and daily, weekly and monthly auditing.

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