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IIAM4 – policies and procedures manuals​

IIAM4 – policies and procedures manuals​
USE™ -unique systems establishment (IIAMUSE-V1)

Manual providing instructions and induction of ireviloution intelligence training, resources and processes for seamless integration and implementation to property management operations and service.

RAP™ – recommended agency policy (Sample) (IIAM4RAP-V2)

Manual providing guidelines and recommendations for designing agency policies and standards

PILLAR™ – pillars intensifying loyal longevity and rentention (IIAM4PLR-V2)

Manual providing guidelines and step-by-step instructions for establishing and implementing processes, standards and service change for designed agency restructure

PERFORM™ – productivity empowering reform for outstandingly remarkable management guardian (IIAM4PER-V4)

Manual providing step-by-step instructions for every task completed in day-to-day property management operations from new managements through to operational audits

CAN™ – customized achieving notations guardian (IIAM4CAN-V2)

Manual providing agency guidelines and policies for everything from dress code to communication and customer service standards

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