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Property management business solutions company, ireviloution, has announced a game-changing certification which is set to raise the property management industry’s training bar.

The iiPM™ (ireviloution intelligence Property Manager) is an international Property Management certification recognising individuals who have achieved the most advanced levels of ‘practical’ PM training.

Industry thought leader and ireviloution’s founder, Jo-Anne Oliveri, believes that the iiPM certification is a positive step forward for the industry’s training standards, and therefore the level of service our clients receive.

“Property Managers officially become iiPM certified after successfully completing and passing all eight online ireviloution intelligence International Property Management Academy operational training programs,” Jo-Anne said.

Jo-Anne went on to say that, “These operational training programs teach students ‘the practical side of property management’, unlike most training courses which only focus on legislation. As a result, the iiPM certification shows clients, colleagues and current or future employers that you have received the highest level of process-driven training.”

Australian National Properties Bundaberg Director, Ryan Weekes, believes that having a team of iiPM certified property managers gives his agency a competitive advantage within his market area.

“This is an outstanding qualification for our team to have been accredited with, giving us a huge step up on our competitors. The certification puts our clients at ease, knowing our team is certified and trained by a reputable worldwide company, and certainly gives our team much more confidence when presenting to a landlord knowing they have the skills and knowledge to conduct their role confidently and professionally,” Ryan said.

Ryan went onto say that, “I believe there is a very high standard expected from within our property management industry, and that will only continue. Completing this training and certification has kept us ahead of the game, so to speak, which in turn will rapidly improve the industry standards should all agencies consider this training and certification.”

ManageMe Property Management Solutions Owner and Licensee, Peter Gibson, also believes that having a team of iiPM certified property managers has dramatically increased his agency’s operational and service standards.

“The standards in our business have risen dramatically and continue to do so since we began with ireviloution in March 2014- our staff are more professional in their work ethics, appearance, knowledge and confidence, and our clients are confident they can call our office and speak with any staff member to answer any inquiry they may have,” Peter said.

Peter went onto say that, “The iiIPMA online training is encyclopaedic in nature, detailed to the max and simple to utilise. It deals with all areas of Asset Management including the growth of your business, accounting, operational auditing, rent roll purchasing and diagnosis, and so on.”

Set to positively disrupt the property management industry and change the way both principals and property investors seek out the services of property managers by choosing to deal with iiPM certified professionals, you can learn more about this certification here.

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