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Do you want a successful career in property management?
Do you work in the property management industry and seek career advancement?

Whether you are aspiring to a career in property management or currently work in the industry now is the perfect time to advance your knowledge and skills by learning ‘how’ to be a property manager.

The ireviloution intelligence International Property Management Academy® (iiIPMA) offers the world’s first online property management training academy that teaches the ‘practical side of property management’ and is available to access 24/7.

After achieving your Real Estate Licence at the Validum Institute, you can then learn the many property management processes at the iiIPMA before you are recruited. This means you can enter the industry understanding how to be a property manager as opposed to learning on-the-job. This head start results in increased performance, productivity and career satisfaction as you are equipped with the needed knowledge, skills and confidence to carry out your role.

The iiIPMA offers 8 online training programs, comprising of 28 courses, teaching you how to carry out every property management process through to completion.
These processes include:

  • lease breaks
  • arrears
  • maintenance
  • property assessment inspections
  • new managements
  • entry inspections
  • tenancy agreements
  • terminations and more.

Each course concludes in an online assessment which you must pass before receiving a Certificate of Completion and proceeding to the next course. The online assessment consists of scenario-type and role-related multiple choice questions, True/False answers and phrase gap selection. These questions ensure you understand the processes and will be able to transfer these to the workplace once recruited or promoted. After successfully completing the 8 online training programs you receive iiIPMA Accreditation* to show you are 100% competent in every property management process and are authorized to use the letters iiPM (ireviloution intelligence Property Manager) after your name.

Imagine showing your potential employer you are already competent in property management processes at the outset or already possess the skills needed for a higher position. Whether you are an industry newcomer or experienced property manager, iiIPMA Accreditation gives you the potential for faster career advancement, higher income earnings and the best opportunity for career success in the property management industry.

*Please note the iiIPMA Accreditation is not recognized by any government.

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