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What is an iiCC?

An ireviloution intelligence Certified Consultant (iiCC) is a highly trained person in the systems, processes and resources of ireviloution – property management business solutions. Our iiCCs are here to deliver property management business solutions which empower you and your team to increase profitability and retention, and minimise liability and risks in managing rental properties. Our Australian Master iiCC and other iiCCs empower you to operate a successful property management business.

Introducing our Australian Master iiCC, Aaron Emery

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Founder and managing Director of PULSE
Property Management Consulting and Principal Licensee of AAE Property Services.

PULSE PM Consulting is an independent consultancy firm offering specialised property management business services such as consulting, mentoring and coaching. Utilizing the world’s first architecturally designed and reverse engineered property management platform, I help business owners understand and discover the three key elements to achieving business profitability:




It doesn’t matter if you are new to the game or you’ve been at it for 10, 25 or 40yrs, the key is to never stop learning, and never stop improving in your knowledge and delivery of the customer service experience. As the world of property management continues to change and evolve with new technology and what we call “agency disruptors” continuing to enter the marketplace, more and more business owners are seeking the help of property management consultants, specially trained personnel who empower Principals and their teams to increase profitability and retention and minimise liability and risks in managing rental properties, ultimately assisting them achieve their goals in business. In March 2018 after being specially trained as a property management business analyst, strategist and system engineering specialist, I was awarded the Australian Master iiCC designation by ireviloution. Currently, I proudly represent as the Australian face of the company. I want to help business owners understand what is required to make the top four pain points go away in their business, teaching them how to be an on purpose, precision decision and pulse balanced business leader. This is achieved through the ii processes, resources and training plus #PULSEMANAGEMENT.

iiCC services

Operational due diligence

Operational prognosis

Rent roll acquisition transfer and transition

Operational business planning and growth mapping

Operational business consulting, mentoring and coaching

Operational risk management and compliance

Trust account software analysis and due diligence

Recruitment and induction management assistance for new employees

PULSE property management mystery shopping

Danielle Sullivan iiCC

Danielle has vast experience in both small business and customer service based industries.

Danielle was weaned in family business, starting her first job at 12 in her families Newsagency businesses located in Kingaroy. Graduating from USQ in 1995 with a double major Business Degree in Marketing/HRM degree, Danielle’s first job opportunity was with the Queensland Treasury Department. 12 months’ into this gig, Danielle was required back to the Newsagency due to family illness.

From here, Danielle thrived in a Management role. In 2003 the family business was sold. Perfect timing, as Emily was welcomed into the world the same year allowing for the opportunity of being an at home Mum. In 2005, Danielle, her husband Tim and Daughter Emily bought Palm Valley Motel in Tannum Sands (Gladstone QLD).

In 2009, this business was sold. With a view to wanting to secure a Management Rights business, the family moved to Brisbane. In 2010, The Grove on Gawler was their latest venture, with Danielle being the Licensee. In 2015, Danielle attended the ALPPPS conference with a passion and fire in the belly. From this conference, Danielle has launched her own brand DMS Property Management to expand her external rent roll.

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Rebecca Jackson iiCC

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Kelly Amas

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