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ireviloution (ii) is an online solutions, training and consulting company. We also provide trademarked property management processes, resources, and support services that help property management business owners achieve peak performance, higher productivity and optimised profitability.

Once a package has been purchased, the property management business solutions can be accessed through the online Member Vault (contains resources) and online iiIPMA Academy (contains training). We offer three property management business solutions packages- PM Operational Solution, PM Business Solution and PM Business Solution Plus.

Any property management business owner or team leader can purchase the business solutions packages.

Property management business solutions packages start at $1285 +GST. Generally, the cost of the business solutions packages is less than the asset value of just one management.

Yes. There are three (3) property management business solutions packages. This gives you the opportunity to select an option that best suits your business.

ii property management business solutions packages are not a franchise arrangement. ii does not receive any payment or charge any fees based on a percentage of your business revenue. If you choose the PM Operational Solution or PM Business Solution packages there are no ongoing fees. If you choose the PM Business Solution Plus Package, an annual renewal fee is due every 12 months. iiIPMA training that is not included in your selected package is pay-as-you-go.

Yes. If you want to upgrade to the next package you must do so within 6 months of purchasing and pay the difference between the packages plus an additional 20%.

The PM Business Solution Plus package provides you with all the benefits of the PM Business Solution, plus the added advantage of keeping your company up-to-date with the latest resource solutions and enhancements which can be accessed by the entire team 24/7. The business can possess all of the great resources and support material at the touch of a button. PM Business Solution Plus provides additional operational training for the team and discounts to ii products and services including ii partners’ privileges. This solution keeps your business unique and in front of the others. You receive 24/7 access and can download the latest operational and business resources, ongoing operational training and induction for new team members, and member partners’ privileges.

ii is a ‘turn-key’ property management business solution. Within the Member Vault, you will find every resource required to measure, monitor and manage your business. The key to achieving results in your business is to implement all of the ii property management business solutions resources and training, including the Team2TaskWorkflow™ program. When you follow the manuals and work through the system, your business will achieve greater efficiency and profitability.

ii provides a proven property management business solutions system that empowers business owners to operate highly efficient and profitable property management business. Business owners that go the extra mile in all aspects of their professional conduct will naturally have a higher chance of achieving long-term success. But, even when using the ii property management business solutions, business owners may not achieve success for the following reasons:

  • Non-induction of business team, property owners, tenants and contractors
  • Non-completion of online training by team members
  • Incomplete ii property management business solutions system implementation
  • Lack of operational auditing by management
  • Lack of team accountability monitoring
  • Poor quality control of managements, clients and team
  • Poor business and workplace standards
  • Inconsistency amongst team and practices
  • Non-compliance with ii property management business solutions system and training

The PM Business Solution and PM Business Solution Plus packages provide an initial induction into the full ireviloution system. However, ultimately it is the responsibility of the business owner to empower their team to implement and use the resources and system.

There are many factors that determine revenue and profits, including your market area and agency standards. We offer no guarantees or projections. Prospective customers are encouraged to complete their own due diligence by engaging with existing ii customers and seeking professional advice. We can provide a comprehensive and detailed Operational Prognosis on your business- please contact an iiCC to find out more.

If you choose to sell your business, the ii resources and access to the Member Vault cannot be passed onto the purchaser. ii resources and IP (including trademarks) are non-transferrable and therefore the new business owner must not have access to any ii property management business solutions system or resource. The purchaser should be encouraged to purchase an ii property management business solution.

ii does not allocate exclusive territories. ii simply encourages you to educate clients to engage the services of a property management company that is “powered by ireviloution”.

ii property management business solutions systems and training are global, not country, state or territory specific. The ii business model provides best practice methods that can be integrated into any property management business, regardless of where it is located in the world.

If you own an existing property management business or are about to launch a new property management business, ii property management business solutions are suitable for you. If you have an independent agency, franchise or belong to a large real estate group or co-operative, ii property management business solutions can be seamlessly implemented into your business.

To find out if the ii property management business solutions are suitable for your business, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I want to stand out from other property management companies by delivering a service that is consistent, regardless of which team member my clients deal with?
  2. Do I want to protect my brand and reputation by ensuring that my property management team are highly trained?
  3. Do I want to be able to lead my property management team or engage a leader to help manage my business?
  4. Do I want to grow my business through retention?
  5. Do I want to ensure that I earn the highest income potential and grow the maximum asset value through my property management business?
  6. Do I want to still feel in control of my business even if I am away or on leave?
  7. Do I want to know the status of tasks, rather than relying on my team to tell me?
  8. Do I want to know how to measure, monitor and manage productivity, performance and profitability in my property management business?
  9. Do I want peace of mind knowing my operations, team and service standards are consistent, compliant and completed at all times?
  10. Do I want to offer incentives that are win-win-win for me, my clients and my team?
  11. Do I want to say no to managements if property owners don’t meet my business standards?
  12. Do I want to build my business through property management, rather than through sales?
  13. Do I want to make decisions based on evidence of results, rather than second-guessing my team?
  14. Do I want to reduce my overheads and operating costs?
  15. Do I want to make my own decisions about my business growth?
  16. Do I want to take control of my property management business?

If you answered ‘yes’ to even one of these questions, then select your property management business solutions package and start taking control of your business today!

ii also offers online training, operational prognosis, operational business plan, operational due diligence, rent roll acquisition transfer and transition, mentoring, coaching, consulting, books, certifications, workshops, webinars and guest speaking.

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