ii Member Agency FAQs

Go to All Courses then click on My Dashboard. Find the course you want to attend and click the open course button.

Don’t stress! We want you to fully comprehend the role and tasks you undertake as part of your career. So, if you score below 80% (which is considered a ‘fail’) on an exam, you may retake it. However, if you fail your two retakes, you must contact us to discuss your options.

Congratulations! When you receive a passing grade of 80% or more on an exam, you have successfully completed that course and may continue on to the program’s next course.

Try the following:

  1. Clear your cache and restart the browser. Also check if you’re using the newest version of the browser.
  2. Try a different browser (we like Google Chrome).
  3. Try an Incognito / Private Window (this will rule out an issue with browser extensions).
  4. Restart your device (it’s a cliche but it works!)
  5. If possible, try a different device!
  6. Check your computer’s audio settings are working.

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