How to understand your property management team

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We live in a world with unlimited opportunities for advancement and success. So, it stands to reason that your team members will come and go based on their personal career aspirations and opportunities. This is why it’s wise to know each team member’s career goals, and what they want to achieve in your business. Understanding this allows you to better manage both your property management team and business.

Understanding each team member’s career goals allows you to provide the right support to help them achieve them. This support may come in the form of training or promotion. However, this support must not be in a vain attempt to keep them working for your agency; it must be for the overall good of your team, business and clients.

When a team member achieves their current goals, it’s usually time for them to move on. Trying to hang onto them through further incentives is not recommended as the team member as usually mentally ‘moved on’ at this point. And, that’s not a bad thing. This is why it’s important to understand your team, so you you can also plan for when you need to recruit new team members.

This gives you the ability to promote from within your agency as new recruits can be trained from assistant or receptionist through to fulfilling the role of a team member who is moving on. Managing your team in this way, allows each recruit to internalize your business culture and service standards, form stronger long-term relationships with your clients, and truly represent your brand.

Understanding your team and their career aspirations helps you nurture loyal team members. Yes, they may come and go, but the wonderful thing is that they will leave feeling loyal to your agency. This is a much better scenario to find yourself in as opposed to team members leaving due to disagreements or lack of support. If team members leave your agency on positive terms, they will continue to be long-term advocates of your brand.

If you’d like to learn more about how to understand your team so you can better manage your property management business, contact us.

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