Business and leadership

Business and leadership training

Cultivate your

This course teaches how to build a profitable rent roll and protect the business to ensure minimal loss of clients through the back door. Learn how to produce superior service standards and build a solid business reputation through brand recognition.

Compliance through consistency

This course teaches the important of adopting systematic processes for every property management task and proven techniques to ensure compliance and best practice. Learn the benefits of consistency offering the team, clients and business owners’ peace of mind through applying systematic strategies.

Measuring, monitoring and managing

This course teaches the need to monitor every task that is carried out in the property management division and how to measure operational processes to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity. Learn why a profitable business equals efficiency plus productivity.

Recruitment, interview and induction

This course teaches the tools, methods and resources required to employ the right person for the right position, and identify the terms, performance standards and role expectations for the selected person. Learn how to apply guiding principles to recruit, interview and induct the right person for the right position in the business.

Motivate and

This course teaches the tools to build teams by utilising transformational meetings that have purpose, objectivesand outcomes to drive the business forward. Learn to conduct meetings which motivate and maximize team and individual performances.

Creating business by design

This course teaches the principles on how to build and design an Agency By Choice in the marketplace by drawing upon lessons learnt by other highly successful companies. Learn to create a loyal team, unique and remarkable service standards and business culture.

Business structures for success

This course teaches the objectives of a successful property management business and the cogs that drive the business to success. Learn the five fundamental cogs that provide the business with the efficiency to achieve promised results and business targets.

Rent roll

This course teaches the methods to evaluate business acquisition and related high risks and hazards. Learn to identify and plan the steps to protect your asset, brand, reputation and business by comparing and contrasting growth through rent roll acquisition.

Programs and individual courses can also be purchased individually.

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