ALPPPS – Strengthening Your Passion with Richard Flint

Passion is more than a love affair for what you are doing with your life. It is the inner battery that recharges your inner spirit from all the challenges, struggles and events that deplete your spirit.

Strengthening Your Passion is an in-depth examination into the ‘What’s,’ ‘How’s’ and ‘Why’s’ to the weakening of passion.  Some of the passion issues Richard Flint examines in this insightful program are:

  • What happens when you are tired?
  • How does a tired spirit look?
  • Why are people being worn down today?
  • Understanding Flameout vs. Burnout
  • Learning the 7 Keys to Strengthening Your Passion

If you want to succeed in property management then rediscover your passion at ALPPPS on 3-4 March on the Gold Coast.

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