ALPPPS – It’s time to awaken from your coma

You can be breathing, walking around, going through your daily routines and still be in a coma!

It’s Time To Awaken From Your Coma is an insightful look at “how” the coma happened, the “brain injury” it has created and the “loss of mental strength” it has left them with. When one is living from their emotions up, rather than their brain down, they lose their creative strength. The result is one who first reacts, creates a mess and then has to come back and clean it up.

Some of the processes Richard will examine are:

  • Identifying factors that prove you are in a coma
  • What creates severe brain damage
  • What are the repercussions of ignoring brain damage
  • Learning the 5 steps to awakening yourself from your coma

When one is comatose, they are missing the opportunities and successes that are created when they are functioning from their brain down. It’s time to awaken from your coma and raise the bar in your property management business or career at ALPPPS on 3-4 March on the Gold Coast.

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