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Chris Mrakas, CEO, Matter Technologies

Disruption at your doorstep

Do you have nightmares of being replaced by machines? Robots that learn like you… Artificial Intelligence replacing Property Managers? Trying to reinvent property management might sound crazy but it is a huge opportunity, and one that isn’t being overlooked. AI and IoT technologies have the capability of totally changing the model for making money in the Property Management arena. Understand where the future of Property Management is headed, and where the true potential lies.

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Jo-Anne Oliveri, Founder and Managing Director, ireviloution

Move mountains – Achieve the pinnacle of success

In this session, you will be empowered to ‘move mountains’ by learning how to conquer the unexpected landslides, treacherous conditions and extreme weather changes every property management principal, team leader and career property manager must endure and overcome. It’s simple to reach the Pinnacle of Success when you are prepared for the climb. Jo-Anne Oliveri, ireviloution Managing Director and ALPPPS Founder, teaches you the business of property management so you can rise to the top in 2017.


Adam Franklin, International social media speaker, Marketing Manager, Bluewire Media

Workshop – How to create your digital and social media strategy (and attract leads)

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Fill in your own Web Strategy Planning Template
  • Walk away with your own documented digital marketing and social media strategy
  • Learn the marketing framework to become an ‘attraction’ business…and get inbound leads each week
  • Discover how to immediately differentiate yourself from everyone else in your field, making you the obvious choice
  • How the “80-20” principle applies to web marketing so you can be sure your efforts will move the needle

This workshop will take the guess work out of your digital marketing so you can simply focus on EXECUTING.

View presentation: Workshop – How to create your digital and social media strategy (and attract leads)


Chris Byrne, Business Development Manager, BMT

Are you the industry expert?

In this session, BMT will explore how a property manager plays a vital role in educating and communicating with the landlord when it comes to maximising the after tax cash flow on investment properties. Learn how property depreciation can maximise rental returns and improve cash flow while minimising risk for the landlord.

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Michelle Watt, Management Consultant, Solutions Property Management

Growth, change, and what worked for me – Going from ordinary to extraordinary

During the last two and a half years, Solutions Property Management Consultant, Michelle Watt, experienced huge challenges and changes in both her career and personal life. These changes brought about new mindsets, which led to dramatic increases in the volume of listings Michelle has been able to secure.

Michelle will share her experiences that led her on an exciting journey- one that has only just begun…with the best yet to come.

View presentation: Growth, change, and what worked for me – Going from ordinary to extraordinary [click to request copy]


Jacob Aldridge, Director of Advisory, businessDEPOT

How will you #makeithappen

Ideas are worthless. Execution is priceless. And the greatest challenge for business leaders looking to move mountains is overcoming the speedbumps, hurdles and brick walls that an active growth business naturally creates.

In this keynote, international business advisor and real estate industry specialist, Jacob Aldridge, guides us through a faster and more practical journey from idea discovery, to strategic design, to full implementation covering critical topics including squirrels in your headspace, copying the wrong homework, being too good at what you do, and having a team ask, ‘Do you really want to hurt me?’ over and over again.

View presentation: How will you #makeithappen


Dave Clare, International Coach and Speaker, Prophet for Purpose

Leadership simplified

The world requires leaders who focus on purpose first, then profits. Leaders who know how to ignite invincible cultures that capture the spirit of their people will create sustainable competitive advantages. An imperative in these uncertain economic times.

Leading an inspiring vision, a purpose to drive your business and core values to guide you and your team is the new leadership framework. Engage people with SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN – the purpose. Empower your team with the core values as decision making filters you can demonstrate that you are the SOMEONE TO BELIEVE IN THEM and; because you are doing these two things towards an inspiring vision, they will know you are SOMEONE TO BELIEVE IN.

Shift away from archaic, hierarchical organisation structures to a Circle of Organisational Leadership. Release innovation in your business while creating more meaningful work to drive employee engagement. Everyone talks innovation. How do you become a more innovative organisation if you keep the same antiquated org structure? How do you engage your team at a deeper level if you still lead the old-fashioned way? How do you tap into the latent talent and abilities you are already paying for? Leadership is simple. You lead people.

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