3 steps to manage your team’s email usage to boost productivity

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We know that you are constantly faced with the dilemma of your property management team feeling so buried in emails that they can’t keep up with their workload. Email was supposed to be the answer to reducing workload, right? But, for many property management agencies, the opposite seems to be true. So, what is the solution?

Here are three steps to better manage your property management team’s email usage so you can boost productivity…


Step 1

Determine the actual volume of your property management team’s incoming emails. Quite often, we find that the volume of emails received is far less than what the property management team believe they are receiving.

After analysing property management teams’ emails, we found that, on average, 20% of emails are from the team, 20% are spam or newsletters the property managers have subscribed to, and 35% are emails that have been going back and forth instead of bringing tasks or enquiries to a closure.

The solution- Get your property management team to stop sending emails to each other. Instead, they should communicate via a ‘task manager’, which should also automatically update client history and create timelines for task closure. Next, your property managers must block spam emails and unsubscribe from newsletters. Instead, you as the business owner, should only receive relevant newsletters, then update your team with any relevant information during team meetings.

Step 2

A high volume of incoming emails (and phone calls) is usually a sign of reactive management, rather than proactive management. A proactive management style means that most emails and phone calls are outbound, rather than inbound.

The solution- Change to a proactive management style and introduce systems and task timelines to ensure the volume of outbound communication is 80%, and inbound communication only 20%. Doing this means that your inbound communication will now mostly be made up of enquiries about your agency’s services and rental properties, as opposed to raising issues.

Step 3

Many property managers use emails to ask for instructions. Yet, this only sets off a chain of email communication which normally results in delays before tasks can finally be completed.

The solution- Ensure that your property management team use emails to confirm instructions following phone calls to clients, rather than ask for instructions. Doing this will increase productivity and minimise the time spent completing tasks.


If you’d like to find out more about how you can manage your property management team’s email usage and boost productivity, contact us.

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