3 magic R’s to win back business

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Last week we talked about the three magic R’s for generating new business- repeat, referral and recommendation. This week, we would like you to meet the three magic R’s for winning back business- return, respect and relevance.

It’s no coincidence that when a business owner has built their business growth from within using repeat, referral and recommendation, that they can easily implement return, respect and relevance as a result. These elements can help you win back clients and maintain sustainable business growth. Here’s how…

1. Return

Return business is an important part of losing and winning back clients. This means that, from time to time, your clients may be lured away by a shiny new agency, discounted fees, or offer that is probably too good to be true. Whatever it may be, our Disney Institute training taught us that, in such cases, you must ‘let the client go with respect’. In time, once they realise that your agency provides the best customer experience and results, your clients will eventually return.

2. Respect

Give respect to earn respect. This means that you must stay in contact with clients you may have lost and accept fault where fault was caused. You should always leave the door wide open and remain welcoming. Continue to prove to them that you are still the agency of choice. In time, your clients will return because you have demonstrated professionalism and earned back their respect as a result.

3. Relevance

Clients will return out of respect because you have proved a vital factor- relevance. Relevance is a key element when it comes to clients achieving their desired income and growth from their properties. Your agency must prove that you have maintained relevance in the marketplace where your clients’ properties are located. Winning back clients by remaining relevant to them and their properties is far stronger than offering them discounted fees or cheap tricks to entice them back.

In this way, relevance earns respect and respect will act like a magnet pulling back lost clients as return clients, regardless of the circumstances that first caused them to terminate their contract. Return clients are powerful because their new-found respect for your agency will ensure that they now become raving fans, helping you maintain sustainable business growth.

For more information about how return, respect and relevance can help your property management agency win back clients and maintain sustainable business growth, contact us.

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