“After 2 years of net losses with our property management numbers, which meant a net loss of some $400,000.00 to the capital value of our business and every second phone call being one of complaint, we called in the professional services of Jo-Anne Oliveri, of “ireviloution” for guidance.

They first carried out a “Mystery Shopping” exercise, the results reported to us, regarding our staff, the way in which the general public and our clients perceived us and the services we offered were “horrifying”, to say the least.
Under Jo’s guidance we completely restructured the business, commencing with the recruitment of new staff (some have never been in the asset management business at all) As a pre requisite to commencing employment with our company each staff member was required to complete the online training modules provided by ireviloution. The staff found the training interesting, user friendly, very informative and above all, factual and topic specific.

As part of the ireviloution’s management system – every part of the asset management process is audited, either daily, weekly and/or monthly, warm and fuzzy calls are made on a weekly basis to a pre-selected number of our clients and one-on-ones with each staff member are held monthly.

12 months after the appointing ireviloution, and completely restructuring our business under their guidance we have a very strong business and the management numbers are growing in very pleasing numbers. The staff are happy and a delight to work with. Our customers are very happy and we have great testimonials emailed to us regularly. We very rarely receive a phone call of complaint and our work place is a very happy zone.

We cannot thank Jo-Anne Oliveri enough – She has transformed our business from a tired, loss making venture to a successful, award winning and profitable business.”
-Peter & Norah Gibson, First National Oxenford & Monterey Keys, Queensland, Australia


“I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Jo-Anne on multiple occasions since 2000. In an industry plagued with a poor reputation, Jo-Anne has always epitomised the caring, professional face every property owner and real estate principal wants to see. I’ve seen first hand the hard work Jo-Anne has poured in behind the scenes, creating and testing the platforms, processes and systems that reduce stress for all parties (owners, managers, tenants, principals, admin staff, and suppliers). Here’s to many more purple penguins – we would all benefit!”
-Jacob Aldridge, Shirlaws International Business Coach


“I get a lot of people who ask me to recommend them and most I don’t. Why? Because I don’t know them well enough to give an informed review, but in this case it is different! I have had the unique pleasure of working with Jo-Anne on several occasions and have found her to be very intelligent, well researched in her area of expertise and a heart that really cares about helping others succeed. She is the real deal, and that’s the highest compliment I can give her.”
-Richard Flint, International Author, Presenter and CEO Richard Flint International


“Jo-Anne Oliveri has just returned to Australia after a highly successful 2 months teaching real estate business owners and property managers throughout Wyoming, USA on behalf of the Wyoming Association of Realtors. We could have had anyone in the world to teach our state about property management, but after meeting Jo-Anne it was a no brainer on who to choose. The classes were so successful we’re having her back this year for another 2-month teaching tour.”
-Tim Forbis, TD Realty Inc. Owner, Wyoming, USA


“She helped me to develop and grow my start-up property management business from zero to being valued at almost $400,000 in less than 5 months, without discounting fees or offering free management. In fact, my fees are higher than average and I charge for all services. Jo coached and mentored me into believing clients will shop on service rather than fees and gave me the courage to believe if I valued my service then clients would too. She’s the best investment I have made in my new business.”
-Ranita Patel, Director of Property Management, Urban Property Agents, REIA Australian Property Manager of the Year 2013, REIQ Queensland Property Manager of the Year 2013


“What can be said about Jo-Anne Oliveri that you may already not know? Jo-Anne is absolutely one of the best property management consultants, trainer and expert I have ever met. Not only is Jo-Anne extremely knowledgeable in all facets of property management, she is more importantly an amazing and inspirational person. Jo-Anne always keeps your best interest in mind no matter the situation and you can always count on Jo-Anne to provide that hand holding experience that we all long for today in this crazy business world. I could not recommend JoAnne enough and if you have the pleasure to do business with her you will see for yourself what I am talking about.”
-Terry LeClair, Real Estate Business Consultant, Broker at Century 21 B.J. Roth Realty Ltd., Brokerage, Barrie, Ontario, Canada


“Jo-Anne is very career orientated not so as to take away from her big heart. The work that she does in International Property Management as Consultant and Trainer is very professional, concise and there is not much about property management that she would not know about. This is one Lady that is very approachable.”
-Sharon Nichols, Business Owner BG Realty, Whitsunday Coast, Queensland, Australia 


“Jo-Anne is an absolute guru on property management. Her experience in this arena is vast and the effort she has put in to the Harcourts Property Management systems has been outstanding. Property Management is one of the hardest and toughest arena’s to build a business in, but JoAnne does it with her winning personality and amazing ability to stay calm in the midst of the storm. Always up-skilling herself at international conferences, she is constantly right at the leading edge of Technology. I am happy to recommend Jo-Anne to any supplier / customer or employer.”
-Jason Wills, CIO (Technology), Harcourts International, Auckland, New Zealand


“I just wanted to let you know that I am finding this training extremely useful! You have done a sensational job at putting this all together. I am really enjoying it and keeping on top of it.”
-Kamilla Bielski, Property Management Coordinator, Les Freeman Real Estate, Cairns, Queensland, Australia


“I’ve just stuck my head in Bev’s training. She said it’s really sensible information and gets your mind thinking about the methods we can use to ‘streamline’ everything. She is very positive and believes if everyone follows it, it’s going to be a dream! I was so excited with this feedback I just had to email you.”
-Emily Miglas, Team Leader, Les Freeman Real Estate, Cairns, Queensland, Australia


“I am sincerely humbled by your kind words. Isn’t it amazing that when a true visionary is presented to some folk…they are so blind to the thoughts and concepts and ideas they have to share? Just incredible!

You are that visionary and it was a privilege to hear your words, partake in your journey, listen to an honest person for once and leave empowered to look at things from a lateral perspective. Jo-Anne, in another career, I was a Creative Director of Advertising for over 35 years, so I had to constantly think outside the square…that’s how I built my client base.

Industry visionaries like you, I’m happy to say, are rare…so let’s keep it that way. And don’t stop being who you are…you’re a gem. I’ve got so many ideas about how better to do PM activities and BDM (hate that title). So let’s keep tabs on one another…as you’re the calibre of person I value in my professional life.”
-Grant Johnston, BDM, Belle Property, Sydney, Australia


“Our entire Team here at Harcourts Ascot would like to thank you for your help and support since we opened our office in March 2007. As you know Jo we have had many challenges in establishing our Property Management and you have always believed in us and assisted to keep us smiling and focused on the big picture. I hope you fulfil your dreams and continue to follow your passions. You are a lovely genuine person and a pleasure to work with.”
-Kate Peereboom, Principal, Harcourts Ascot, Queensland, Australia