Achieving the 3 C’s of Property Management – Consistency. Compliance. Completion


Product Description

Workshop 3: Achieving the 3 C’s of property management – consistency. compliance. completion.
Property management business owners learn how to achieve the three most important elements of property management. Consistency – be like the McDonald’s of the real estate industry. Compliance – eliminate and mitigate risk and liability. Completion – ensure all tasks are completed and nothing slips through the cracks. This 4-hour course guides property management business owners on how to achieve all 3 elements of a successful property management business.

Audience: Property management business owners
Cost: $1085 +GST*
Time: 4 hours (with 30 minute intermission)

*Travel, accommodation, venue hire, audio/visual hire, training materials and miscellaneous expenses are payable by the company requiring workshops.


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