operational prognosis

Regardless of what industry you are in, a successful business is one that remains aware and adaptable to change so that business goals and targets also remain adaptable. In other words, successful businesses are ones that are flexible – they re-access their business goals and targets at least once a year.

Prognosis evaluating and diagnostic reporting assists you with business planning and development by providing an accurate snapshot of the current state of your business operations. It provides you with important facts, data and information about your business and detects unnoticed areas of concern relating to your operations, customer service standards, income drivers, and critical factors. The report also provides information about areas of risk, strengths and vulnerability.

This information assists you with:

  • Creating a strategy to rectify issues, eliminate risks, fortify vulnerabilities and create business stabilization
  • Practical and relevant business planning
  • Growth forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Achieving peak performance and productivity through task-streamlining
  • Brand protection

3-stage process

Stage 1 – At that agency

  • Generate reports from your property management software
  • Interview each team member individually, including management
  • Review manual processes
  • Review systems
  • Review outsourced services and other utilized apps
  • Review premises
  • Review office set-up

Stage 2 – Diagnostic reporting

  • Review and compare reports
  • Review processes and productivity
  • Prepare prognosis
  • Prepare strategy for stabilization and growth

Stage 3 – Reviewing the final prognosis

  • Work through the report and evaluation
  • Provide solutions and strategies for business and service stabilization and growth


Following the review, your iiCC will schedule a meeting to discuss strategies for recommendations made within the prognosis. They will also discuss any further involvement, such as consulting, systems implementation, training and operational business planning to assist with the implementing the strategies provided in the operational prognosis.

Select your iiCC and contact them to schedule your operational prognosis.