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In every industry sector, employers seek certified professionals who are not only well equipped with the right skill sets but who can also take their organization to the next level.

Our ii International Property Management Academy online training program offers an overview of the key concepts, tools and techniques that are required to succeed in today’s challenging property management industry. Our online training program features focused learning experiences on vital areas of the property management business. Property management business owners, team leaders, property mangers and support staff learn how organizational units interact to support corporate strategy and tactics to help your business adapt to change. You and your team will also gain practical skills for increasing individual and organizational productivity.

The iiPM™ and iiCC™ certification courses help you and your team build a solid foundation in current business theory and practice. After completing your chosen program, you will have a framework for making better business and career decisions. When you have taken up an ii certification course, it guarantees you:

  • A competitive edge over your non-certified peers or colleagues
  • Better job opportunities and career advancement
  • Higher earnings, better incentives and more attractive benefits


“I took so much away from the iiCC course over the last week. The way in which you have built an entire end-to-end solution for the industry to implement is quite impressive. Having completed both under-grad and post-grad studies in property and business related fields, I truly appreciate the way you teach people to interpret data and, as well, show them the solutions to what the data tells them. Most importantly, these solutions have a heavy focus on implementation of the solution, as we all know everyone has ideas and solutions but only a small percentage know how to effectively and successfully implement.

It is clear why the businesses you work with succeed. You have an infectious passion and unremarkable amount of knowledge about the property management industry. Not only this but I truly feel that the way you not only work with property management businesses but also aim to educate landlords on what to expect and what is effectively expected of them is the wholesome approach which everyone in this industry will benefit from- property owners, property managers and tenants alike.

I can see how what you teach is highly transferrable to other industries, and I look forward to working with ii to bring the positive disruption that is needed to an industry that has huge potential.

Lastly, anyone who wants to have a true impact on the industry should not think twice about undertaking the 5-day iiCC course with you. It will not only help them in this industry, but also give them skills and knowledge to run a high impact business and ensure a long term successful career.”

-Josh Symons iiCC